“We Are Not The Same” – Gautam Buddha Story

Gautam Buddha Stories
Gautam Buddha Stories

Nobody has developed benevolence and compassion like Buddha did in his time.

Among his cousin’s there was the evil Devadatta who was always jealous and determined to make him look bad.

Devadatta was even willing to kill Buddha.

One day as Buddha was calmly on his way, his cousin Devadatta threw a heavy rock at him from atop a hill. The rock fell beside Buddha and Devadatta failed to end his life.

Buddha, even after realizing what had happened, remained impassive, never letting the smile slip from his face.

Days later Buddha ran into his cousin and greeted him warmly, “I welcome you Devadatta! How are you today?”

Very surprised, Devadatta asked him, “Are you not angry?”

“No, of course not,” assured Buddha.

Still in shock Devadatta asked him, “Why not? I tried to kill you!”

And Buddha affirmed, “Because you are no longer the one who threw the rock, and I am no longer the same one who was there when the rock was thrown.”


You see in life..

To he who knows how to see, everything is in transition, to he who knows how to love, everything is forgivable.” – Krishnamurti

We might have trouble or bad feelings towards another person but if we meet this person again, this person has changed, and so have we.

If we hang on to grudges, and bad feelings then we cannot evolve, then we cannot be in eternal life.

Instead, we should immediately let go of grudges and bad feelings and so we constantly evolve and are never the same…

Learn more life lessons from Buddha and evolve.

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