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Stupid Friend (June 2020) - Short Bedtime Stories For Kids
Short Bedtime Stories For Kids

A monkey lived in the palace of a king as a servant. He was a great believer and devotee of the king.

He could go unimpeded even in Interpur.

One day while the king was sleeping and the monkey was staring, the monkey saw, a fly repeatedly sat on the king’s chest.

She did not believe even after repeated removal of the fan, it used to fly and sit there again.

The monkey got angry.

He left the fan and took a sword in his hand; And this time when the fly sat on the king’s chest, he left the sword’s hand on the fly with full force.

The fly flew away, but the king’s chest became two pieces due to a sword injury.

The king died.


“A learned enemy is better than a foolish friend.”

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