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    If the Nominee receives proof of your death or legal incapacity, it will continue to hold your Shares. Generally the term trustee means the person authorized to transact business on behalf of a trust. She appointed me as her nominee. The old account may be closed.


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    Essentially, a CSN is deemed as an extension to a share register and therefore company communications are automatically sent to somebody that has stock held on their behalf by a CSN.


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    In my absence being out of country he put all the money on his nomination and joint with mother. Used by private investors all around the world Office: Oxford House, Oxford Road, Halifax, Yorkshire. What will happen after mother die?


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    Solution: The best option is to get bank account and address updated with the fund house in time. Ideally I would like to hold them for at least the medium term so typically between three and ten years. Nominee are mere trustee. At present two Depositories viz.

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An account from which the authorized holder can withdraw shares by means of a negotiable or transferable instrument or other order.

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Brokers argued that pooled nominee accounts are cost effective and enable them to keep costs down for clients.

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