Monk & Mouse – A Short Bedtime Story For Kids

Short Bedtime Stories For Kids
Short Bedtime Stories For Kids

There was a temple of Lord Shiva near a southern city called Mahilaropayam.

A holy sage lived there and looked after the temple. They would go to the city every day for alms and return in the evening for food.

They used to collect more than they needed and put the rest in the vessel and distribute it among the poor laborers who in turn cleaned the temple and made it a decoration work.

In the same ashram, a mouse also lived in his bill and used to steal some food from the bowl every day.

When the monk realized that a mouse steals food, he tried all sorts to stop it.

He placed the bowl high enough so that the rat could not reach it, and even tried to drive the rat away with a stick, but the rat somehow managed to find a way to reach the bowl and steal some food.

One day, a beggar came to visit the temple.

But the monk’s focus was on beating the rat with a stick and he could not even meet the beggar, considering it an insult, the beggar said in anger, “I will never come to your ashram again because you think you have more important things to do than talk to me.”.

“The monk humbly tells the beggar about his troubles with the rat, how rat somehow steals food from them.”

“This rat can beat any cat or monkey if the matter reaches my bowl.” If that happens! I have made every effort but every time he steals food in some way or the other.

The beggar understood the monk’s troubles, and advised, “There must be some reason behind so much strength, confidence, and agility in the rat“.

“I am sure that it must have stored a lot of food and that is why the rat feels big and this gives him the power to jump high. The rat knows that he has nothing to lose, so he is not afraid.”

Thus, monk and beggar conclude that if they succeed in reaching the rat’s bill they will be able to access the rat’s food stock.

He decides that the next morning he will chase the rat and reach his bill.

The next morning they chase the rat and reach the entrance of his bill.

When they start digging, they see that the rat has kept a huge stock of grains, immediately the monk collects all the stolen food and takes it to the temple.

On returning, the rat was saddened to see all his grains missing and he was deeply shocked by this and lost all confidence. The rat no longer had a stock of food, yet he decided that he would again steal food from the bowl at night.

But as he tried to reach the bowl, he collapsed from the swing and realized that he now had neither power nor confidence.

At the same time, the monk also attacked him with a stick.

Somehow the rat saved his life and managed to escape and never came back to the temple again.


“If we do not have a lack of resources, then we too can never lack amazing powers and confidence.”

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