“Positive Affirmation Against CoronaVirus”

Health Meditation For Coronavirus
Stay Home, Stay Safe

I am healthy

I am strong

I am willfully determined to beat this Coronavirus pandemic.


I will consciously wash my hands every time I come home for 20 seconds or longer.

I will not lose my mind during this lockdown.

I will find ways to occupy my time and to stay mentally healthy.

I will self-isolate as much as I can or self-isolation either with all the people living in my household.

I will avoid the elderly as they are especially vulnerable to the coronavirus.

If an elderly person needs my help I will help them of course but only with a facemask, gloves and only for a short time.

I will call my parents every day to check on them how they are doing and if they need anything.

I will get up every morning and have a routine so that I don’t lose my vigor.

When shopping I will always wear a face mask and otherwise, I will avoid public spaces.

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I am healthy

I am strong

I am willfully determined to beat this Coronavirus pandemic.

I am doing it not only for myself but for my family and for my whole community.

I will beat this coronavirus pandemic with the right measures and with self-isolation we can all beat this virus.

I will work out every day an hour at my home.

I will stay fit, stay healthy not only in my body, but also in my mind.

I will avoid people at any cost.

I will train myself to become a better human being.

After this COVID-19 Crisis

I will be stronger, fitter and smarter.

Difficult times may be heading my way but I am a human and I know how to adapt in difficult situations.

I won’t let fear into my head.

I will beat fear with the strength of my heart and with the knowledge, that I have.

Coronavirus pandemic is real but I don’t need to panic.

I will stay realistic and do everything that is in my power to save myself and others.

I will watch the news daily but only for 10 minutes or so and not excessive there are other things in life too even during this pandemic.

I will consider starting a business once this pandemic is over I have so many ideas, flowing in my mind in my head.

This virus won’t stop me, I will stop the virus.

I will wash my hands every time I come back from the outside.

I will wear a face mask when shopping.

I will isolate and I will keep at least one or two meters distance from other people when walking outside in public spaces.

To let off steam I will do workouts.

This virus won’t stop us, we will stop this Coronavirus.

I am brave, strong and healthy.

I will use this time to start and healthy eating habits. I will buy fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fresh meats and fish, as far as I can afford them.

If not there are also a lot of cheap healthy canned food options for me.

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I won’t lose my mind during this Coronavirus pandemic

I will stay fit healthy and mentally smart.

I will wash my hands for 20 seconds or longer every time I come back from the outside.

When in shops or at the doctor’s I will wear a face mask at all times.

I will self isolate as far as possible and it will distance myself from other people holding at least 1 to 2 meters distance when in public spaces.

This virus won’t beat me I will beat this virus, this pandemic.

The world needs to be together at the moment.

We should stop pointing fingers, but embracing each other.

We shouldn’t hold hands because of the virus, but we can fist-pump each other.

I am strong, I am willing, I am healthy and I am brave.

I will do everything to save myself and others during this pandemic.

This virus won’t stop us, we will stop this virus.

I am not afraid, I am prepared.

I know what to do, I have all the information I need and I will adapt to any given situation.

These new circumstances don’t bother me they don’t put fear into my heart because I am stronger than that.

I was built for crisis this pandemic has got nothing against me.

I will stay healthy, stay vigorous and stay smart.

I will check on my parents daily, and I will take care of my family.

New opportunities will arise for me once this pandemic is over and whenever a door closes two new ones open and my dreams shall not be stopped by this pandemic.

My goals for my future shall not be deleted by this virus.

I am stronger than this pandemic, I am strong, I am healthy.

I will practice breathing exercises daily to strengthen my lungs.

Whenever I have the chance I will get some sun but of course while staying distant from other people.

I am smart and I am healthy and I’m prepared for whatever may come.

May God bless us!!

All I believe in myself and I believe in our world.

Meditation for the coronavirus pandemic 2020.

Stay healthy everyone and stay blessed.

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