“The Story Of The Lost Son” – A Buddha Story

Gautam Buddha Stories
Gautam Buddha Stories

“Oh wise one!”, the disciples asked Buddha

Why aren’t we enlightened, why don’t we understand?”

and Buddha told them, he said:

“I will tell you a story. So you all gather around me.”

So disciples gathered around Buddha and waited eagerly for him to tell the story and he told them the story of the lost son… and he said:

“A long time ago, there was a householder’s son who went away into a distant country. And while the father accumulated immeasurable riches, the son became miserably poor.

And the son while searching for food and clothing, happened to come to the country in which his father now lived.

The father saw him in his wretchedness, for he was ragged and brutalized by poverty, and ordered some of his servants to call him.

When the son saw the place to which he was conducted, he thought, “I must have evoked the anger of a powerful man, and surely he will throw me into prison.”

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Full of apprehension he made his escape before he had even seen his father.

So the father sent messengers out after his son, who was caught and brought back in spite of his cries and protests.

Thereupon the father ordered his servants to deal tenderly with his son, and he appointed a laborer of his son’s rank and education to employ him as a helpmate on the estate and the son was pleased with his new situation.

From the window of his palace, the father watched the boy, day-in-day-out and when he saw that he was honest in industrious he promoted him higher and higher.

After a year had passed, he summoned his son and called together all his servants. And made the secret known to them, the secret that the poor man, was his son…

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The poor man tearfully looked into his father’s eyes and at this moment was full of joy, who was full of understanding he was full of life.


You see in life…

In your life just as the father cautiously promoted his son, higher and higher, so will life promote you, higher, and higher and bit by bit, time after time all of life’s secrets will reveal themselves to you.

So stop running away and face the challenges from day-to-day life and you will grow, spiritually, and mentally.

Your fears will guide you into the right direction.

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