“Dreaming Without Sleeping” – A Gautam Buddha Story

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Gautam Buddha Stories

Once upon a time, there was a young shepherd girl watching her family’s sheep graze on a mountainside.

The Himalayan Sun high overhead was bright and warm so she fell asleep and dreamt many dreams.

In one of her dreams, she overheard Buddha telling some yellow clothed monks in distant India: “When I am gone, whenever you invoke me, I shall be there too, on the threshold of your devotion.”

The girl woke up and took the instructions to heart,

Imagining Buddha, concentrating on his radiant face, she repeated his words, and there he was.

She was amazed and asked him: “Am I dreaming?”

“Yes, You are.” Buddha replied.

“But how can I wake up?” the girl asked.

“Who is asleep?” Buddha demanded.

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At once she understood that she had been dreaming, and called out: “I am awake now!” and Buddha disappeared.

People gradually noticed that she had changed.

Whenever someone asked her how, she answered: “I had a dream that I was dreaming, but Buddha woke me up.”


You see in life…

Just because you sleep, it doesn’t mean that you’re dreaming, and just because you dream it doesn’t mean that you are sleeping.

A long time ago, that girl met Buddha in her dreams, and Buddha showed in her dreams that the dream doesn’t mean that you sleep, but instead he woke her up from the sleep that she had had in her whole life.

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Our subconscious is like the universe: endless and bigger than we could ever imagine.

When we dream within a dream we are so deeply embedded into our subconscious that we will feel different and act differently once we wake up.

Buddha woke that girl’s life up on that day.

So next time, try to dream without sleeping and maybe you will understand how to wake up.

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