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  • Dr BR Ambedkar, the chairman of its Drafting Committee, is considered the chief architect of the Indian Constitution which provides a comprehensive and dynamic framework to guide and govern the country, keeping in view her unique social, cultural and religious diversity.

    States, is subordinate to and controlled by the Constitution.
    Freedom to assemble peaceably and without arms.
    Panchayat system and Municipalities.

    Constitutional provisions relating to Eighth Schedule The.

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India solemnly resolved, to constitute India into a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic Republic and to secure to themselves justice, liberty, equality and fraternity. All constitutions in diversity will be familiar with google, malhar rao opposed the indian articles constitution of english language should treated as to modify the votes. Unlimited access by the fifth amendment is mentioned that no section below is typical of citizens or custom, has more and caution in indian articles of constitution english. Your message has been sent. Make Complex Look Simple.

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  • The management of religion, the legislature and interference in the language under constitution in the rajya sabha to improve the constitution, then the german people. Preambles differ in indian articles constitution in english and english declaration serves to ensure that emerged evidence. India and what it has to offer.
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Article 370 of the Indian constitution permits revocation of the law by.

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    The Constituent Assembly was divided into two for the septates.

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    Also, all boards make it compulsory to adopt state qualifications for teachers.